304 2B Stainless Steel Range

2mm thick stainless steel sheet2b finish available in different sizes. This product has a ‘Smooth’ finish whichis light grey in colour .

5754 Aluminium Fivbar Treadplat

5754 (H111) Aluminum Fivebar Tread Plate Range

Aluminium tread plate is also commonly referred to as either checker plate, five bar treadplate is an extremely versatile product because of its many features. … Our sheet is manufactured using aluminium grade 5754

Brass Sheet Trustmetal

CZ108 CW508L Brass Shet Range

Known as basis brass, CZ108 (CW508L) is one of the most popular grades of brass. Supplied primarily as a sheet grade. Trustmetal offer a huge range Brass sheet

C106 / CW024A Copper Sheet Trustmetal

C106 / CW024A Copper Sheet Range

Copper has the best electrical and thermal conductivity of any commercial … when the alloys are cold drawn into wires or tubes or rolled into sheet.

1050 Aluminium Sheet Trustmetal

1050 Aluminium Sheet Range

1050A H14 Sheet. Aluminium alloy 1050 is a popular grade of aluminium for general sheet metal work where moderate strength is required.

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