About us.

At Trust Metal we are passionate about providing our customers with premium quality metal sheeting at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do, for us it’s about providing you with exceptional customer service, going above and beyond your expectations.Trust Metal’s founders Zsolt & Ben wanted to create a business that provides exceptional customer service to the industry, one that would stand out from the crowd, so that is exactly what they did, they launched Trust Metal in 2019.Wanting to carve out their own special space within the industry, joining together their shared wealth of industry skills and experience, they bring a whole host of skills and strength to the business – there is nothing these guys can’t do!Ben is Trust Metal’s commercial sheet metal specialist, but not only that he’s been an entrepreneur since the day he was born. He loves going to the gym and is passionate about building businesses and growing them into a success story. Zsolt is Trust Metal’s business and marketing executive, when he’s not meticulously analyzing numbers, he can be found researching new online marketing and website innovations. He is also extremely talented electronics repair specialist!

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